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Early Bird Yoga

English yoga classes with Attila Bencze each Monday 07:00am - 08.30am 

"Early morning classes have long been a passion of mine.

There is a unique atmosphere to morning practice. Perhaps it is because of the relaxed vibe in the city, at a time of night turning into day, when there is no rushing around yet, the air is still clean and the lights are still fading. Maybe it is the special type of practicioners who frequent these sessions.

In either case, this environment allows one to get energized early on and start the day with a sense of serenity that shines through the whole day afterwards. It has always felt as if the problems and all the drama could not get through to me once I had my daily dose if yoga.

Level of class is Beginner/Return beginner. No registration needed. Feel free to join even if English is only a second language for you!"


In case you have any questions, you can reach me here:

Attila Bencze

See you any Monday or  Wednesday morning!

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A search for inner serenity led me to yoga: my daily practice helps me refine and moderate my thoughts and days. This inner equilibrium is not a sleepy, passive state, but a result of opposing energies that create a certain dynamic, alertness and energy. As I have a tendency to push myself too hard, the serenity I can realize through my practice literally helps me survive.

While establishing a physical structure, yoga integrates the refinement of the consciousness, and shapes the whole person, using a methodical approach that still amazes me each day.

The method of the legendary Yoga Guru, B. K. S. Iyengar is an exceptionally pragmatic and structured one. As a practicioner I can always see where I am and the way towards progress is also clear. Another upside is that there is truly no age restriction in yoga, the study goes on through my whole life, not even injury or old age prevents me from evolving in my practice.