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Yoga in English

English Hatha yoga classes with props each Tuesday evening 19.15 - 20.45 

Evening classes are perfect to let go of the stress and hassle of the day and regain your energy. These sessions help you put down your worries, calm your emotions and come back to your inner stability. They also tend to help you get rid of any stiffness in the muscles and joints after a tiring daily routine.

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Teachings are based on the Yoga sutras of Patanjali and the method of the famous B. K. S. Iyengar. Props are utilized so that each student can experience asanas with ease, regardless of injuries or physical state, and to highlight certain key aspects of each pose. 

This method focuses on precision and giving strong foundations to students so they can maintain a healthy progress in their practice, no matter which yoga method they choose.

The full class is held in English only as these sessions are only for expats. Feel free to join even if English is only a second language for you!

No registration needed, you can drop in even if you are only visiting Budapest for a short time but want to maintain your practice.

Level of class:
Beginner/return beginner

Instructor: Attila Bencze
If you have any questions, contact Attila: